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The Views of Salafy Islamic Boarding School Leaders on Pesantren Modernization (A Study at Ibnul Amin, Al Mursyidul Amin, and Yasin Islamic Boarding Schools South Kalimantan)

Mizani, Hilmi (2016) The Views of Salafy Islamic Boarding School Leaders on Pesantren Modernization (A Study at Ibnul Amin, Al Mursyidul Amin, and Yasin Islamic Boarding Schools South Kalimantan). Disertasi, Pascasarjana.

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Hilmi Mizani: The Views of Salafy Islamic Boarding School Leaders on Pesantren Modernization (A Study at Ibnul Amin, Al Mursyidul Amin, and Yasin Islamic Boarding Schools South Kalimantan), Advisors: 1. Prof. Dr. H. Syaifuddin Sabda, M.Ag, 2. Dr. H. Husnul Yaqin, M.Ed, Dissertation, Doctorate Program IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin (2016). The modernization has influenced the lives of Muslims in many different aspects, including education. As modernization has negative and positive effects, Indonesian Islamic boarding schools responded contradictorily at beginning toward the modernization and its development in education. Some boarding schools accept modernization by doing various adjustments in the system of education, while others keep their traditional education system. These kinds of schools are known as salafy Islamic boarding schools. This phenomenon also occurred at Islamic boarding schools in South Kalimantan, which currently has three different systems. The first is modern pesantren, another is the one that integrates conventional system and modern education system, and the last is pesantren which tends to preserve the conventional culture educational system (salafy). Since there are a number of criticisms dealing with the salafy education system and its weaknessess, the researcher is interested to conduct the research on this aspect with focuses on Kiai as senior leaders and decision makers. This research emphasizes primarily on how salafy leaders view pesantren modernization in South Kalimantan. This is then specified into four aspects including the modernizing curriculum, instruction, assessment, and school management. This research used a qualitative research method. The subjects of the research were three senior leaders of Salafy Boarding Schools in South Kalimantan; Ibnul Amin, Al Mursyidul Amin and Yasin boarding schools. In depth interviews, participant observation and documentation were used for collecting the data. The data was analized through data reduction, data presentation, drawing conclusion and verification. The result shows that thesenior leaders of Salafy Boarding schools in South Kalimantan realize that modernization in education is important to meet the new demand of society. However, not all aspects can be modernized since the salafy boarding schools have their own peculiarities and different from other educational institutions. Therefore, the leaders of salafy receive modernization in the education system within certain limitations. It is also found that there are some aspects of education that need to be modernized in the boarding school including modernizing curriculum, learning instruction, assessment, and pondok pesantren management In modernizing curriculum, Salafy Pesantrens should develop the new forms of curriculum, integrate general subjects, and extra curricular activities as well as vocational education into their current curriculum.The second aspect is modernizing learning instruction which includes well-prepared lesson plans, the use of appropriate strategies, teaching methods and modern teaching media. It is also the fact that the Salafy pesantrens still mantain their traditional learning system in which both teachers and students read and learn the same books at the same time. In addition, the boarding schools do not have modern instructional media such as laptops, LCD and internet facilities. The next aspect is modernizing assessment. The leaders of Salafy Boarding schools recognize the importance of formal assesment to evaluate the success of the educational process. More over, the assessment is also carried out to determine the students’stage in reading the book, their grade and to determine whether they pass or no. The last aspect is modernizing in boarding school management. The leaders believe that educational process should be performed effectively and efficiently. This management involves modernization of curriculum management, students management, personal management, classroom management, financial management and the management of realtionship with public boarding school.

Item Type: Disertasi
Subjects: L Education > L Education (General)
Depositing User: Hilmi Mizani
Date Deposited: 16 Aug 2016 07:48
Last Modified: 05 Jan 2021 03:22
URI: http://idr.uin-antasari.ac.id/id/eprint/6194

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