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Pemikiran Pendidikan Tan Malaka Dalam Perspektif Konferensi Pendidikan Islam Pertama

Basrahil, Abdillah (2018) Pemikiran Pendidikan Tan Malaka Dalam Perspektif Konferensi Pendidikan Islam Pertama. Tesis, pascasarjana uin antasari.

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Abdillah Basrahil; Tan Malaka Education Thought in the Perspective of the First World Conference on Moslem Education, under the guidance of I: Dr. Saifuddin Ahmad Husin, M.A and II Dr. Irfan Noor, M.Hum at Post Graduate UIN Antasari Banjarmasin (2018) Keywords: Educational, Thought, Tan Malaka, First Islamic Education Conference Our education needs a discourse on educational forms and ideas that can be an inspiration for current educational practices. According to Tan Malaka, education is to free humanity from misery, oppression, and ignorance, to make life more beneficial for themselves and its surroundings, disregar caste and class differentiation. In addition, the recommendations made by the first World Conference on Islamic Education in 1977 in Mecca, also have a great aspiration for the lives of people in the field of education. This research is a literature study (Research library) by using critical descriptions processed by way of Description-Analytical, Interpretation, and Comparative. The result of this research stated that Tan Malaka education concept is a concept born on the reality that happened in the realm of grasroot at that time (1919-1921). The education initiated by Tan Malaka is done to free humanity from misery, oppression and ignorance, to make life more beneficial for itself and its surroundings, no more caste and class differentiation. In the analysis of the writer of Educational Thought Tan Malaka in the perspective of Islamic Education Conference is as follows; In the case of the Educational Objectives of the first Islamic Education Conference stating that Islamic education is the embodiment of perfect submission to God both personally and communally. While Tan Malaka who emphasizes education is the recognition of self, explore the potential of the students and after that grown develop. In Epistemology Islamic Education Conference distinguishes perennial knowledge (knowledge perennial) and acquired knowledge (acquired knowledge). Tan Malaka Epistemology is based on the real reality. With the help of scientific technology, people can understand the universe, make improvements to improve their welfare. In Education For Women The Islamic Education Conference declared a separate educational system for women. For Tan Malaka, equality is not just a matter of gender, the classless society of the classless ie no ethnicity, gender, social status and so on. For Tan, education is part of a meaningful social transformative process of liberation political work. Whereas in the Language of the Conference of Islamic Education emphasizes the role of Arabic, because Arabic is a tool of learning Islam. The concept of education at the school of Sjarekat Islam Tan Malaka practicing the importance of learning the Dutch language so that people can melepasakan of colonialism

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: L Education > L Education (General)
Depositing User: mr abdillah basrahil
Date Deposited: 02 Apr 2018 05:13
Last Modified: 02 Apr 2018 05:13
URI: http://idr.uin-antasari.ac.id/id/eprint/9886

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