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The Analysis Politeness and Impoliteness Expression of Characters in Kungfu Panda Film

Norhidayenti, Norhidayenti (2013) The Analysis Politeness and Impoliteness Expression of Characters in Kungfu Panda Film. Skripsi, Tarbiyah dan Keguruan.

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Norhidayenti, 2013. The Analysis Politeness and Impoliteness Expression of Characters in Kungfu Panda Film. Thesis, English Education Department, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training. Advisor: Puji Sri Rahayu, MA. Keywords: politeness, impoliteness, situation. Sociolinguistic is the study of language in relation to society. Politeness and Impoliteness are one of sociolinguistic aspects. Politeness and impoliteness expression is determined by the culture in communication. Using language in different culture can make misunderstanding in communication. It considers language polite or impolite. To know more politeness and impoliteness expression in Kung Fu Panda Film, the research is conducted. The problem formulations of this research are: (1) What are politeness and impoliteness expression of characters in Kung fu Panda Film, (2) What are the situations when the characters show politeness and impoliteness expression in Kung fu Panda Film? This research is library research. The subject of this research are the main characters of Kung fu Panda Film season one: Po, Shifu, Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Viper, and Mantis. The object of this research is expression of the main characters using politeness and impoliteness expression. To collect the data, writer watched the film several times. Data processing in this research is listing the data, classifying the data. Then all the data are analyzed descriptively. The result of this research is that in the film there are many of politeness and impoliteness expressions found. Politeness expression is used more by Panda than his Master, Shifu. On the other hand, impoliteness expression is more used by Masters Shifu than the Panda. Based on the research, the writer concludes that: (1) Politeness expression that used by the characters in Kung fu Panda film are apology, thanking someone, advising, ordering an offer, greeting, confessing, compliment, and sympathy which is including modesty and generosity in every expression to make others feel good. Impoliteness expression that used by characters are mostly underestimate someone with physical appearance and using negative adjective, disagreement and sarcasm, it makes others feel not convenient. (2) The situations when the characters used politeness expression are making a mistake, accepting help, offering help, praising someone, meeting recently, ending conversation, and talking to older people. The situations when the characters used impoliteness expression are the mood that bad, angry, dislike, panic, disagreeing.

Item Type: Skripsi
Subjects: L Education > L Education (General)
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Date Deposited: 22 Feb 2016 05:11
Last Modified: 22 Feb 2016 05:11
URI: http://idr.uin-antasari.ac.id/id/eprint/4051

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