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The Scientific Reading on The Qur’an (The Study of Agus Mustofa’s Thought on The Afterlife)

Asvia, Erma Sauva (2013) The Scientific Reading on The Qur’an (The Study of Agus Mustofa’s Thought on The Afterlife). Skripsi, Ushuluddin Dan Humaniora.

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Erma Sauva Asvia. 2013. The Scientific Reading on The Qur’an (The Study of Agus Mustofa’s Thought on The Afterlife). Thesis, Tafsir Hadith Department, Ushuluddin and Humaniora Faculty. Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Zainal Abidin M. Ag. This thesis is a study of The Scientific Reading On The Qur’an (The Study of Agus Mustofa’s Thought on The Afterlife). According to Agus Mustofa understanding, their eternity is happy in heaven and the damned in hell hung "to the other conditions, namely the existence of heaven and Earth or the universe. In other words, he explained, "eternal doomsday would be if the heavens and the Earth or the universe is also eternal. This research aims to describe The Doomsday according to Agus Mustofa, end then the process of the Doomsday according to Agus Mustofa and the last this research aims to analize Agus Mustofa’s argumentation who says that the Doomsday is eternal. This research is a library research. The sources are divided into two parts, namely the primary sources and the secondary ones. The primary sources are taken from the books written by Agus Mustofa, while the secondary ones are taken from writings, research, information and other relevant sources. This research finds out that: Firstly, Afterlife according to Agus Mustofa is in the discussion of the issue of this Afterlife Agus Mustofa decided to use two approaches. The first, from the side of the faith. And the second, from the side of reason. In General, the Afterlife is the destruction of our world. In a scientific context, according to Agus Mustofa world we will experience the Afterlife twice: the destruction of the planet Earth and the destruction of the universe. Secondly, The Process of Afterlife accoarding to Agus Mustofa is originated from the Sughra Doomsday or The little Doomsday. While the second was Kubra Doomsday or The Great Doomsday. The little Doomsday is the process of destruction of the ' earth ' because of the millions of bombarded by space. While The Great Doomsday is the destruction of the universe including the Earth, the Sun, stars, and galaxies because the process of contraction back of the universe, and then destroyed in center. So simply put it this way: 12 billion years ago the universe was created. Several thousand years the earth will experience a melt down. Then about 3 billion years into the future the earth will experience a recovery from the ravages of Doomsday Earth. At that time, the universe moves contraction. Thus, begins the life of the Afterlife. Thirdly, Agus Mustofa says that the Afterlife in not eternal because the process of routing the sky it is estimated to be 15 billion years, that during the period of the afterlife. Logically is if the universe evolve from the initial conditions (the Big Bang) until the stop took 15 billion years, the time it takes for shrunk from stop to start also for 15 billion years. It's an absurdly long period. Therefore, it makes sense that God is very often used the word ' eternal ' and ' immortal ' to describe the length of the period of the afterlife. But anyway, God continues to roll out the universe, moving toward its Center. ' Space ' and ' time ' is constantly smaller. So on one day, about 18 billion years from now, the universe will disappear again like the beginning. There is only God, the mighty-the source of all peace in the universe.

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Date Deposited: 25 Jul 2016 01:24
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URI: http://idr.uin-antasari.ac.id/id/eprint/5352

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