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Prostration in the Qur'an (a Thematic Interpretation)

Safitri, Lia (2019) Prostration in the Qur'an (a Thematic Interpretation). Skripsi, Ushuluddin dan Humaniora.

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ABSTRACT Lia Safitri. SRN: 1501421823. Prostration in the Qur’an (a Thematic Interpretation). Supervisor I : Drs. H. Murjani Sani, M.Ag. Supervisor II : Dr. Wardani, M.Ag Keyword: Prostration, Thematic, Interpretation The Muslims are fallible to understand the worship performing, one of that is prostration. The dangerous main mistake is to limit the guidance of worship only to ritual activities as a symbol, such as prostration commands which are understood only by carrying out physical movements putting the prostration organ on the floor as the praying prostration. This misunderstanding leads to emergence of wrong concepts about meaning and essence which includes the purpose and essence of prostration command. So there is the question as why there is the prostration to the Prophet Adam, there are people who prostrate to the sun or the moon and others, even though prostration is only commanded to Allah Almighty and there are also people who are reluctant to prostrations. This is a library research. The method used is thematic interpretation (mauḍû'i) which is an interpretation that explains several verses of the Qur’an regarding a topic, based on the the chronological order of revelation which is explained by informations from all aspects and comparison with information from another sciences that discussing the same topic or theme until make it easier and clearer the problem. By using descriptive-qualitative analysis which is the author describes the concept of prostration in the Qur’an by tracing and study deeply of prostration verses. Then the author analyzes the prostration verses based on the chronological order of revelation. The purpose are to know the prostration verses in the Qur'an, the meaning and classification of prostration, to know the lesson from the prostration story of angels to Adam. The results of research indicate the derivation word of sajada in the Qur'an there are 81 verses found in 32 surahs with the classification of prostration such as: human prostration, angels prostration and the earthly and heavenly bodies prostration, from the interpretation of the verses found the meaning of prostration that from word sajada (i) prayer, is an outward movement as evidence of submission and surrender to Allah with a sincere to gain His pleasure. This is in Islam is a unique institution that brings human closer to Allah by harmonising his mental attitude with physical posture. In prayer, a Muslim submits himself completely to his creator (ii) oneness and worship of Allah (iii) submission and obedience to Allah Almighty and that also visible image of postures of humility (iv) bow down or down in obeisance as the respect, not in worship (v) the mosque means a place of prostration and can mean the entire Tanah Haram (the city of Mecca) as a whole. The lesson from the prostration story of angels to Adam are always submission and obedience to Allah and do His commands. Angels prostration to Adam not as worship prostration but as a respecting and glorifying Adam, because the worship prostration is solely devoted to Allah. And devil refused Allah command because they regard themselves better than other, more noble and higher position as the devil rejects Allah’s prostration command to Adam is not for reasons of shirk, but only because devil regard himself more noble and has a higher position than humans, then it is inappropriate to prostrate to human who is created more despicable and lower position than devil. Wheareas Allah forbids being arrogant and conceited. Because of that, Allah cursed the devil and took him out of Heaven. But the devil will always invite (whisper) humans to do evil, tempting and misleading from the truth.

Item Type: Skripsi
Subjects: B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion > BL Religion
Depositing User: LIA LIA SAFITRI M. AIDA
Date Deposited: 28 Feb 2019 07:40
Last Modified: 28 Feb 2019 07:40
URI: http://idr.uin-antasari.ac.id/id/eprint/11361

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