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Recitation Gathering Of Qur`an Interpretation By Prof. Dr. H. A. Athaillah At Al-Munawarah Mosque, Kertak Hanyar, Banjar District

Norlaila, Masniah (2017) Recitation Gathering Of Qur`an Interpretation By Prof. Dr. H. A. Athaillah At Al-Munawarah Mosque, Kertak Hanyar, Banjar District. Skripsi, Ushuluddin dan Humaniora.

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This research is conducted based on the idea that Prof. Dr. H. A. Athaillah is one of the professors in the field of the Qur`an and its interpretation. Besides, the handbook on this recitation gathering uses the translation of the Qur`an because most of the participants who follow the recitation of Qur`an interpretation are the lay people whom does not understand the Arabic language. Therefore, according to the writer it is necessary to know how he interpreted the Qur`an, whether there is any other source of references which he uses or whether he only interprets in accordance with his judgment and his thought. The problem to be studied in this research is about how to objective condition of this recitation gathering of Qur`an interpretation that are: 1. How is the method of interpretation that he use ? 2. What is the reference in conveying the material of interpretation ? 3. How are his methods and steps in teaching ? The subject of this research is the leader of recitation gathering that is Prof. Dr. H. A. Athaillah that is a professor in the field of interpretation of the Qur`an, while the object of this research is recitation gathering of Qur`an interpretation that is held in al-Munawarah Mosque, that are the interpretation method he used, the sources of his interpretation, and the teaching methods. Furthermore, the respondents of the research are Prof. Dr. H. A. Athaillah and administrator of al-Munawarah Mosque while the informans are the participants of recitation gathering of Qur`an interpretation. In collecting the data in the field, the writer used several techniques that are: (1) Observation, with this technique I observed the recitation gathering of Qur`an interpretation, (2) Interview, this is employed to get some personal and detailed information from the interpreter, staff of mosque and participants, (3) Documentation, this technique help me to explore the archives or records that are related to the problem studied. From the results of research findings can be concluded that recitation gathering of Qur`an interpretation by Prof. Dr. H. A. Athaillah at al-Munawarah Mosque that held since 2010 until now is well. This recitation gathering is led by Prof. Dr. H. A. Athaillah because the request of the mosque administrator. The method uses by Prof. Dr. H. A. Athaillah in interpreting the verses of the Qur`an is the taḥlīlī method because he interprets the Qur`an by way of describing the verses of the Qur`an in sequence in accordance with the sequence of verses in the muṣḥaf with a global analysis and covering various aspects. In this interpretation there is a description and analysis of the words and verses interpreted both in terms of the meaning and purpose of their use, the grammar and the idiom, the description of the commandments and the prohibitions of God contained in the verse by law, creed, morals, and others. There is also a description of cause the coming of the verse and the correlation of that verse with verses before and after, and other descriptions. He uses more book of interpretation whose source of interpretation can be categorized as interpretation bil ra`yi because in adddition to using the proposition of riwāyah, the books are more advanced idea as a source of interpetation. The methods uses by Prof. Dr. H. A. Athaillah in conveying the material of interpretation are the method of lecturing and the method of question and answer. If the participants of this recitation gathering do not understand or lack understanding or there is a problem, he invites the participants to ask questions and he answers as he knows.

Item Type: Skripsi
Subjects: H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
L Education > LB Theory and practice of education > LB1501 Primary Education
Depositing User: niah laila hamour
Date Deposited: 20 Dec 2018 07:09
Last Modified: 20 Dec 2018 07:09
URI: http://idr.uin-antasari.ac.id/id/eprint/10862

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