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Human ResourceManagement in Increasing the Quality of School in MTs. Al-IstiqamahHalong District Balangan

Miranti, Miranti (2016) Human ResourceManagement in Increasing the Quality of School in MTs. Al-IstiqamahHalong District Balangan. Tesis, Pascasarjana.

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Miranti. “Human ResourceManagement in Increasing the Quality of School in MTs. Al-IstiqamahHalong District Balangan”under the guidance I: Dr. Hj. SessyRewettyRivilla, M.M.P.D and II: Dr. Ahmad Muradi, M.Ag, reviewed Post-Graduate IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin, 2016. Keywords: Human Resource Management, quality of school. Human Resource (SDM) is the main element in organization than other element such as modal and technology, because the human itself is control to others. The school as one of organization or institution of education is judged as the institution has law accreditation score from various sides, including in the quality of management and service that has disable to show the professionalism side in giving the satisfying of customers. The object of research is to know and discuss deeper about The Concept of human resource management in increasing of school quality. The research is descriptive analytic by using the qualitative approach and case study. The collecting data is through an observation, which the researcher functioned as an instrument for making an observation, deep interview and documentation study. The data is analyzed by using interactive analysis through 3 activities that are reduction, display and concluding. The validity of data is obtained through prolongation of participant and triangulation data. Based on the research is described that: 1) the planning of human resource (SDM) is designed and arranged systematically and based on the school autonomous and pay attention of school typical. 2) Recruitment of human resource is implemented closed and openly by utilizing the human resources that are considered potentially. 3) Selection is judged has fulfilled. 4) Orientation, although informal, and delivered by introducing the condition of environment, culture and partner. 5) Training and development has done and make effect and positive influence, either for school or personnel. 6) Performance appraisal is done by using the model of teaching and learning activity records. 7) Management and planning of career is implemented by proportional.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: L Education > L Education (General)
Depositing User: Miranti Miranti
Date Deposited: 30 Sep 2016 07:07
Last Modified: 30 Sep 2016 07:07
URI: http://idr.uin-antasari.ac.id/id/eprint/6702

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