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The Quality of Reading the Qur’an by the Final Grade Santri and Santriwati at Darul Amien Islamic Boarding School

Norlatifah, Norlatifah (2023) The Quality of Reading the Qur’an by the Final Grade Santri and Santriwati at Darul Amien Islamic Boarding School. Skripsi, Ushuluddin dan Humaniora.

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The Qur'an is a holy book and a guide for humankind. As guidelines, a Muslim is ordered to read, practice, study, and teach it. In reading the Qur'an, some rules must be considered, including in a holy condition, in a clean place, facing the Qiblah, and reading the Qur’an with tartȋl by the rules of tajwȋd. Teaching the Qur'an is a noble mandate. Like reading the Qur'an, teaching the Qur'an has rules that must be met, such as sincerity, and the most crucial thing is mastering the science of tajwȋd both in theory and practice. Darul Amien Islamic Boarding School held a “Khidmah Tarbawiyah,” a community service activity carried out for approximately one month as a graduation requirement. In this activity, the final�grade santri and santriwati are divided into several groups. In each group, there are 2-7 people to serve as teachers of the Qur'an, Muezzin, Imams of mosques, and helpers for religious activities in several TPA and mosques around Darul Amien boarding school. The purpose of this study was to find out how the quality of reading the Qur'an in terms of the science of tajwȋd to assess the feasibility of the final grade santri and santriwati of the Darul Amien Islamic boarding school to become prayer priests and teachers of the Qur'an, to find out the mistakes that are often encountered when reading the Qur'an, and knowing the socio-historical background of final-grade santri and santriwati at Darul Amien Islamic Boarding School so it can influence their knowledge of tajwȋd and the quality of their reading of the Qur'an. This research is a qualitative study of the living Qur'an using the theory of tajwȋd. Data collection is done by observation, interviews, and documentation. The result of this research is the quality of final grade santri, and santriwati in reading the Qur'an who participated in the Khidmah Tarbawiyah activities was generally good and by the rules of tajwȋd. However, there are still minor mistakes. The most mistakes are repeated when students read the Qur'an chapter al-Sajdah/32: 1-5, namely: Ikhfâ, idghȃm mȋmȋ, idghȃm bi gunnah, mad thabi'ȋ which reads short, read long letters that are not mad thabi'ȋ, reading ikhfâ that reads izhȃr and mistakes on makhraj al-hurȗf. As for the socio-historical background of the final grade santri and santriwati, which influences the knowledge of tajwȋd and the quality of reading the Qur'an are their family background, persistence in learning tajwȋd and tahsȋn and the habit of reading the Qur'an

Item Type: Skripsi
Subjects: B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion > BL Religion
Depositing User: Sri Yuniarti Fitria
Date Deposited: 13 Mar 2023 01:54
Last Modified: 13 Mar 2023 01:54
URI: http://idr.uin-antasari.ac.id/id/eprint/22324

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